The OSGi DP Maven plugin creates an OSGi deployment package based on the configuration of an Eclipse Tycho™ feature, bundle or any other Maven Java project.

The plugins goal build will, in addition to the feature which Tycho provides, create a DP archive containing all directly included bundles. This includes bundles included by included features (no kidding).

P2 features may reference dependencies either as “included” or “required”. Dependencies which are “included” become part of that feature. This is honored by the OSGi DP plugin. It will traverse through all dependencies and only include dependencies which are marked as “included”. If the dependency is a feature and it is “included”, then its features and bundles will be considered as well.

In addition is it possible to specify a list of “additional dependencies” which will be included.

It is also possible to use the Maven packaging type dp when the plugin is used as extension. See usage for more information.


All contributions are welcome!

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